Different or the Same?

Different or the Same?

Kathleen Mancuso, a resident of Orchard Park and teacher aide in Williamsville has published a book titled "Different or the Same?” which teaches children to celebrate diversity. This is an important message for the younger generation as children are like sponges. She has observed behavior patterns in the classroom and written three books and published in several magazines. The book depicts animals who are different but love to do the same things." Come with me my friend, come rest with me, reads a dog and a cat, we are different but we are the same. We both love to rest."

The theme repeats itself and communicates the differences are okay and children should seek to understand one another, rather than attack the differences. This book is been very popular in the kindergarten classroom where she is in aid and found the inspiration to write the book.

Mancuso finished the book in May but it wasn't until she happened to cross paths with a friend of a local printer that she was able to move forward in the publishing process. She was very discouraged at first after submitting a shutter fly version of the book to a few publishers in New York City and not receiving any feedback. It was finally Amelia Press. The children's book division of No Frills Buffalo publishing company that fell in love with the concept and illustrations and immediately contacted Mancuso to get started on the publication process.

Since the book is been printed several area bookstores have chosen to offer the story. The book is currently available at Talking Leaves bookstore, 951 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo; Bookworm bookstore 34 Elm St., East Aurora; Dog Ears Bookstore and café, 688 Abbott Rd., Buffalo; and Monkey See, Monkey Do bookstore, 9060 Main St., Clarence. It is also available on Amazon.

Mancuso hopes to spreader message of understanding and kindness despite differences to children in the area and beyond.